2000-2011 Corvette Used Auto Parts

The Z06 corvette came after the FRC C5 last 2001. Making it the successor of the FRC, there have been some modifications on the Z06 corvette like the hardtop and other parts that I will discuss a little more.
Comparing it to the corvette ZR1, the Z06 is much faster. Even if they say the engine of the ZR1 is the most powerful engine in all corvette cars, the Z06 benefited more on the speed because it lighter, thus making it quicker. However, the ZR1 was still able to have a higher top speed so it still remains as the flagship of corvette nowadays.


The Z06 Corvette has the following modifications: hardtop body, larger wheels and tires, upgraded suspension, improved gearing and functional break cooling ducts and a six manual transmission speed. It has a lighter body because it uses a hardtop of around 17.3kg, which is lighter compared to the preceding hardtops that were used in other corvette sport car. In addition to its modifications, the Z06 had a firmer valve spring, more powerful camshaft and lightweight exhaust valves. Also, the Z06 model for 2002 was able to replace the plastic rear shock valve of the Z06 model for 2001.

Improvements were made over time, and as 2004 came, The Z06 released its

Commemorative edition; it has now a hood made out of carbon fiber and aluminum wheels that are polished making it more shiny and elegant to look at. In addition, A Nurburgring-tested suspension tuning was also set.