1950-1959 Corvette Used Auto Parts

Have you ever heard of the car company called Chevrolet or its manufacturer known as General motors? If you have a car or is probably interested about cars, it's impossible for you not to know about Chevrolet. Moreover, if you like watching sports cars and is interested in the details of the different sports cars that are available in the market, then you must have heard about the Chevrolet Corvette cars. They are popularly known as a sport car.
Corvette car is not a new model; they have been available in the car industry for generations already. In fact, corvette has had 6 generations (C1 C6), and in those generations, they already had different models/ versions and performance released.
Going back 1996, Chevrolet made public its Grand Sport version during the C4 corvette construction. This wasn't the original grand sport model of the Chevrolet since the original was made during 1963. All in all, there were a total of a thousand grand sports cars. Convertibles and coupes were available although there were only around 190 convertibles made compared to the 810 coupe cars.
The corvette parts of the 1996 Grand Sports had a LT4 engine which gave the car around 330 hp and 340 lb.ft of torque. IN addition to its corvette parts, the body has admiral blue paint with white stripes on the center, the hood had red hash marks and the interior had black and red colors only. However, the Chevrolet Corvette's Grand sports convertible didn't had a hard top alternative.