New Corvette C7 gets ‘Split Window’

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Only one model year the Corvette had the famous ‘Split Window’. Despite of that the ‘Split Window’ got famous and now it will be used on the C7.  We saw a preview of the car in the movie Transformers. ‘That won’t be the new Corvette’ GM’s chief design Ed Welburn said, ‘but you can count on it that the Split Window will be used on the new model’. Because of new techniques like rear view camera’s and systems warning for cars hidden in a blind spot the problem of the poor sight will be solved. Corvette C7 split window The first Corvette ‘Split Window’ was built in 1963. Because there were a lot of teammembers against this concept the rear window was changed in 1964. Nevertheless the ‘Split Window’ has been very popular. Because of new political demands on fuel consumption, the Corvette C7 won’t be bigger and stronger than the C6. The C7 will be lighter and will get special tires in order... more

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Introduction Corvette C7 in 2012

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Corvette C6 According to GM’s plans the release of the new Corvette, the Corvette C7 will be in april 2012. That means the end of the C6. There were rumours that the introduction the new Corvette would be in 2014. Fortunately this is not the case. The Corvette C7 will be using the current concept of engine in the front and a rear wheel drive. According to the latest trends the C7 will be lighter and smaller. In order to save weight materials like carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium will be used. It will also be using a smaller, more compact engine which doesn’t mean less power. It is said that the C7 will be using the Stingray concept which was build for the movie Transformers. This however is not confirmed bij GM.  Read More →

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Corvette has future with GM

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The CEO of GM Fritz Henderson declared that despite of the financial difficulties General Motors is facing, Corvette will still have a future with GM. The C7 is on schedule, although its release date is still a secret. The C6 has been produced since 2005 and is still using important technical parts of the C5. The C7 will probably use the same technical parts in order to reduce costs. That would mean that the Corvette will be using 12 years of proven technique in the new decade.  Read More →

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